Problems and threats

The natural resources in Mt. Malindang Range are threatened by the economic activities of the people. There are about 4,000 families living inside the park and about 15,000 families residing within 5 kilometers from the park boundary. Most of these families are marginal and sub-marginal farmers who, in times of necessities, would often turn to the park for additional source of income through illegal cutting of timber for construction materials, gathering of firewood or fuelwood, kaingin-making and illegal hunting or gathering of non-timber forest products. These illegal activities are facilitated by about 42 roads connecting the park to the urban centers.

The Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) lacks the necessary resources to contend this big problem. This situation calls for commitment among the different stakeholders to prevent further destruction of its natural resources and to sustain its life-support services for the present and future generations.


Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park (MMRNP)

The value of MMRNP

Problems and threats

Adverse effects of the destruction of MMRNP

How can stakeholders help to protect MMRNP